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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  January 9, 2012 3:00am-4:00am PST

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zirjts morning this morninon this morning on "world news now -- republican rivalry. mitt romney's opponents come out swinging. the fight for the nomination takes a nasty turn after two debalts over 12 hours. it's monday, january 9th. let's start off the next 20 years, shall we. >> right. >> here we go. good monday morning. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm paula faris. mitt romney's opponents aren't the only ones raising questions about the front-runner. occupy protestors are on the
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offensive. find out why they're taking aim at romney and hear how romney is responding. >> protestors making their presence felt on the campaign trail. also this morning, a major lead in the murder investigation that took place on royal property. investigators just identified the victim, found not far from the queen of england's country else skate. young girl. sad story. >> we'll lighten up a bit as we tell you about the group of teachers, love this story who, won major lottery jack pots. not once, but twice. going to tell you what you can do to increase your odds of winning every time you play the lottery. and for you, you are a lottery player? >> every now and then. if the jackpot gets up to gazillion, buy a ticket or two. if they have the secret. i'm all ears. teach me. before all of that, mitt romney faces a blistering series of new attack ads set to run this week in south carolina. they portray romney as the a predatory business man who destroyed jobs and communities. >> protestors in new hampshire have struck a similar note.
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abc's karen travers is in manchester, good morning, karen. >> reporter: good morning, rob. good morning, paula. mitt romney may be the front-runner here in new hampshire but his campaign isn't taking anything for granted they brought in heavy hitters in the republican party to help him out. mitt romney may be the strong front-runner. at a rally it was occupy protestors who were front and center. romney fired back at them after the event. >> you know what, this president has caused a deepening recession and is responsible for 25 million americans being out of work or not being able to get full-time jobs. >> reporter: chris christie was on the trail with romney and pointed the finger at president obama. >> this is the kind of disoriented anger, cynicism and division is causing in our country. bring our country together. stop dividing it, mr. president. >> reporter: the republican field had two chances in 12 hours to get in their shots at romney. >> can we drop a little bit of
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the pius baloney? you ran in 84 and lost. you weren't serving with santorum in the senate. >> reporter: santorum blasted romney as a massachusetts liberal. >> we want some body to stand up and fight for the conservative principles not bailout and run to the left of ted kennedy. >> reporter: few attacks have stuck and romney has been able to stay above the fray. >> this is also a battle for the soul of america. this is in my view a campaign, americans will ask who are we as a people? >> reporter: with romney so far ahead in the polls the real battle here in new hampshire may be for second place. rob, paula. >> should be very interesting here too. almost a no brainer in new hampshire. they expect mitt romney to one -- win by a considerable margin. all eyes shifting to south carolina on the 21st. real test, conservative voters in the state. that could be a make or break primary. >> in the new hampshire primary they're expecting larger numbers than the 2008, 250,000 votes in
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new hampshire. >> we'll be here tuesday night to see how it all goes down. round two. all right. and our team of political correspondents and analysts have you covered as we said for tuesday's new hampshire primary. be sure to stay tuned in, all, night long, tomorrow, and for results, watch "world news now" wednesday morning. >> it's been an emotional weekend in arizona as victims of the tucson shooting were remembered one year later. jessica chapin reports from the somber ceremonies at the university of arizona. >> reporter: 19 candles for those killed and wounded in the january 8th shooting. ♪ >> thousand of people supporting those affected. like congresswoman gabrielle giffords. [ applause ] >> reporter: with a warm welcome she started the ceremonies.
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>> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. >> reporter: with a sense of pride in country and community, comes the painful reminder of what brought tucson together. >> for the past year we have had new realities to live with. the reality and pain of letting go of the past. >> reporter: a year after the horrific event this one is helping families like the boscos whose good friend, ron barber was wounded. >> it's been a long year. and this was a big milestone tonight. so, it was important for us to be here with them. >> reporter: seeing him stand to host or gabrielle giffords sing along to the music ignites a new beginning. what was it like tonight to see her on in that stage? >> it was very inspiring very emotional. >> reporter: inspiring to see healing that can happen and the unity that can remain within a city one year later. >> tucson is all of us who lit
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candles and sent letters of comfort and hope. we are the spontaneous memorials and tucson is all of us who have worked for a year to create a more civil future and a stronger city. >> jessica chapin, abc news. >> crowd of 3,500 at the vigil last night. see a year later it is still something that bond that community together. of course, all eyes on gabrielle giffords as well. >> she continues to rehab. saw the moment where mark kelly had to help her lift her hand to her heart to say the pledge. she has four more months to determine whether or not she wants to run fror re-election. >> whether she is physically and mentally up to it. big decision. shifting gears now, the ex-husband of a colorado bomb victim has been named as a person of interest in the case. the package bomb exploded in the woman's lap as she and her current husband were driving in their car. the bomb and hazmat squads rushed to the site while the woman and husband were air lifted to the denver hospital. police searched her ex-husband's
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home but have not made an arrest. to the big murder mystery on the ground of queen elizabeth's country estate. the body found there eight days ago has been identified as a teenager who vanished last summer. abc's jeffrey kaufmann has the latest from london. >> reporter: it was the new year's day murder riddle. who was the body found by a dog walker on the public ground of the queen's estate. >> a mystery we would luke to know. >> reporter: the riddle has been sadly answered as police feared it is 17-year-old born in latvia she lived nearby and went missing last august. her body was so badly decomposed police could only identify her from her palm print. the queen and prince philip are in residence at sandringham the vast estate where the royal family gather to celebrate the holiday season. the body was found in part of 391 square mile ground open to the public and lay a mile from the royal home and closer to the stables where the queen went
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riding just before new year's. police have questioned sandringham staff but they are not questioning the royals for whom it is business as usual. the duchess of cambridge who turns 30 today appeared with her husband prince william at the british premiere of "war horse. "the sandringham murder investigation is not over. now that police have identified the body they want to know who did it. jeffrey kaufmann. abc news, london. >> try to find out any suspicious activity in that area, august and september of last year to see what might have happened here. such a bizarre story. especially the proximity to the royal family. again they went be questioned in all this. >> the royal family won't be questioned. grounds keepers and those on the premises workers will be questioned to figure out what happened. sad for her family. >> young girl. in lighter news, elvis would have turned 77 years old over the weekend. thousands of fans were at graceland to remember the legend. record number of visitors
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expected at the home this year. marks the 35th year since the king of rock 'n' roll passed away. his fans still spend a lot on the idol. "forbes" magazine estimated that elvis earned $55 million last year alone. >> not bad elvis. to a major recall involving popular medicines. listen up, everyone. the drug maker novartis is recalling excedrin, nodoz, bufferin and gas-x due to production problems in nebraska. some pills may be mixed up, brecken broken and in the wrong bottles. check your gas-x, rob. no complaints from consumers yet. and novartis will disclose detailed information later. >> don't want problem with your gas-x. that would not end well. >> especially after having a big bowl of chilli. >> with that image here is your monday forecast, everybody. several inches of snow from new mexico into west texas. some heavy rain, thunderstorms, and flooding actually from texas
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to louisiana. some showers along the gulf coast. into the carolinas. flurries from michigan to maine. rain and mountain snow in the pacific northwest. >> 51, seattle. 41, salt lake city. 55, phoenix. mild, 40s from fargo. 43 here in new york 66. in hot lanta. not so hot lanta. >> the presidential campaigning wasn't the only news in new hampshire. in concord, a 6-year-old boy was honored for saving his mother's life. james barker called 911 in november when his mom had a seizure. saturday he met the dispatcher and policeman who helped him and her. >> they called james a real hero who kept his wits about hip and new exactly what to do, and james and his mom were happy to meet the team who pulled them through. just 6 years old. >> amazing. the presence of mind at that young age. well done. >> to call dispatchers. >> saved a life. we salute you. nicely done.
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welcome back to "world news now," everyone. as the legal process takes its course, the penn state sex abuse scandal has faded some what from the headlines. former penn state head coach, joe paterno is battling lung cancer. >> for the first time since the scandal broke, joe pa's son is speaking out in an indepth interview. he spoke to espn's tom renaldi. >> reporter: how is your father's health? >> he is doing well because of the fact he is in great spirits. any time you have this kind of fight on your hands you have to have a fighting spirit which joe has always had. he is fighting like crazy. but it takes, takes him, energy out of him like it does anyone else.
3:16 am
he said i get tired from time to time. i said 30-year-olds that go through this get tired. he is really, really fighting. very anxious to go out there soon. and start to tell his side of the story and start to express all get all the fact out. what that timetable is i don't know exactly. he is chomping at the bit. >> how do you think your father has been judged in the court of public opinion? >> how has he been judged? i can't really say how he would feel about it. but i think what has happened is, it has been a run away train as it impacted joe paterno, impacted penn state, and penn state football. >> in that statement, jay, when your dad said he wished he had done more. what do you think he wished he had done? >> we all wish, nobody, there is nobody, anywhere at penn state anywhere in the commonwealth of pennsylvania or any one, anywhere else, that wouldn't wish that if these allegations
3:17 am
are true that they couldn't have seen something and done something to stop any of this before it happened. >> jerry sandusky maintained his innocence consistently. what do you believe? >> i don't believe anything yet. i think it's the responsibility of us as, americans, to wait for due process to happen. to let the facts come out. >> what has life been like for your dad without football as a daily mission? >> i don't know that he knows what that is look yet because of the cancer treatments. so every day he has had a fight to go fight. i think one of the things joe stressed throughout the whole time is -- yeah, i am going through tough things. there is a lot of things going on over the last couple months. there are victims out there that we need to keep in our thoughts. he stressed that to us a bunch of times. >> jerry sandusky of course at the center of this whole
3:18 am
scandal, alleged pedophile not due in court until march 22nd pretrial. >> interesting to hear some members of the paterno family speak out, much more honest, interview than the two sandusky has given. joe pa replaced by head coach. bill o'brien, with the patriots, head coach of the team. new era. >> officially take over when the patriots stop playing which may not be until february. >> exactly. coming up next. they won the lottery, not once but twice. >> many times. a lot. the group of teachers cashing in. how to increase your odds. you're watching "world news now." increase your odds. you're watching "world news now." increase your odds. you're watching "world news now."
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we return to folks who have plenty to smile about. a group of colleagues from california who have a knack for winning the lottery.
3:20 am
>> they recently hit their second jackpot and are likely to start going for a third any day now. can we give them money for us. abc's ron claiborne has the details. >> reporter: these are some very lucky women. part of a group of 16 school workers a whole lot richer after winning the california lottery. >> i was in shock. >> it's exciting. >> exciting. >> shocked. >> reporter: look familiar, they should. here they are just 11 months ago once again looking very happy after just winning the california lottery. theirs may be the luckiest office pool in the country. after winning $12 million in february. friday these employees of a los angeles area elementary school, won again. another $260,000. $262,743 to be exact. >> lightning strikes twice. and lightning struck twice here. >> reporter: for ten employees,
3:21 am
they have each won $766,000. their secret? >> we go in. we say we want eight quick picks and the machine pick those. but we want those same quick picks for the next eight draws. we are playing the same quick picks. and there may be a slight mathematical advantage to that. >> they're not alone. across the country there are the lucky few who get their one in ten million chance to win not once, twice. sometimes more than that. this couple won the lottery twice in one day. this texas woman packed her bags and moved to las vegas after she won the lottery four times. richard won the lottery seven. yes, seven times. >> you have to learn what numbers to play. how often to play them and so forth. >> reporter: his method the exact opposite of the ladies. >> do not play quick picks. >> he says make sure the numbers you picked have never hit before. >> everybody has a different strategy.
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there's a land of restful sleep. we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta. ♪ >> that one time. can't go there. >> scary movies. >> when i see the devil inside i have to turn away. freaks me out. >> i have to turn away. plug my ears. freaks me out. >> for insomniac, our reviewer, avoided all the films there. >> instead she went to see a film that was nominated for a golden globe award. here to tell us about it, "young adults" is ner young adult, jackie fernandez. >> young adults in the house. >> did you bring the popcorn? >> i brought it, not. it's not in the budget after our party.
3:26 am
several young adults were there. this movie stars charlize theron. she was no, ma'am made for a best actress in a comedy, and she did a great job. she stars as this woman, who by society standards is successful. she's a writer of teen fiction. she lives in her own apartment in the big city of minneapolis. she is living her own life. but behind the scenes you she she is sad and depressed. >> have you seen any old friends? >> actually, i have been seeing quite a bit of buddy. >> oh, the old beau, huh? >> i remember you kids were so cute in high school. >> in order to, you know, relieve that sadness, she thinks what better way than go home to her old small town, rekindle herro manslaughter with her high school boyfriend and, you know, live a happy life. the only problem? he is married with a newborn baby. a lot of people in this movie did not like this film that i saw it with.
3:27 am
let's listen. >> i am appalled by what i saw. the movie was terrible. i was, i was dying the whole time. it was pointless. >> i think she is a great actress, the story was quite entertaining. i enjoyed it. >> there was no redemption. and we were just saying no one is that stupid as that character. >> it was boring, slow, and, that's it. >> i thought she played her character well. not a movie that you go to by yourself. >> sounded like people didn't like the film. but thought she was good in it. >> lot of people didn't like the film. they thought charlize theron is great in it. she is just in that character. it's so easy to believe that she's that horrible and miserable. they don't like the film because it's not a typical hollywood movie. hollywood movies have a fairy tale ending. how many stars did you give it? >> two and a half stars because i love charlize theron's performance. i know people don't like this film. >> here's our happy ending mamaa
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medicare guide and customized rate quote. > this morning on "world news now" one year later. gabby giffords leads a memorial recalling those who did not survive the shooting rampage that nearly killed her. last night's vigil was an important moment in tucson, arizona, as both giffords and her hometown continue to heal after this tragedy. it's monday, january 9th. and good monday morning, i'm paula faris. >> came back for a second week, round two. >> maybe not a third the may be the last week. kidding. >> think it over. i'm rob nelson. good morning. a solemn moment last night in
3:31 am
tucson when 19 candles were lit there to pay tribute to those who were killed or survived that shooting one year ago today. that shooting that almost took the life of congresswoman gabrielle giffords. >> new insight into the obama white house, learning new inside information about first lady michelle obama, her role and the challenges she and her family are facing in a new tell-all book written by a "the new york times" correspondent. look for it to get insight. >> it is unauthorized meaning not the officially sanctioned by the white house. interesting tidbits about how the first lady may feel about her role things like that. again not something that mrs. obama signed off on. but interesting nonetheless. also, this half-hour. duchess catherine turns 30 today. you know we love katie here on the show. >> sing happy birthday. >> she is young. she is beautiful. and royal. will there be a huge blowout bash as she enters a new decade of her life? we turned 20. she is turning 30.
3:32 am
>> would love to do that if william is out of town. >> first, all right, one year ago that the shots rang out in a safeway supermarket parking lot. >> this weekend in arizona victims and survivors were all remembered. here's abc's larry jacobs with more. >> one nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. >> reporter: congresswoman gabrielle giffords led the ceremony at university of arizona. she lit the first of 19 candles. one for each person killed or wounded that fateful day one year ago. then watched as a sea of glow sticks were lit. and her husband and former astronaut mark kelly stressed the recovery. >> we have all seen the healing that is possible. we have even seen it here tonight as my incredible wife gabby led us in the pledge of allegiance. >> reporter: sunday night's vigil was a culmination of observances.
3:33 am
at 10:11 a.m., bells rang out to mark the precise moment the shooting spree began. in just 16 seconds in that safeway parking lot the lone gunman killed six people, wounded 13 others including giffords, shot critically in the head. >> we remember, celebrate, we believe. >> reporter: hundreds attended services across tucson. a relative place a rose for the loved ones who died. a time of reflections on the past, hope and healing for the future. larry jacobs, abc news. >> and gabrielle giffords continues to undergo rehab, physical and speech therapy, and she's got four months to figure out whether or not she wants to run for re-election. >> i am sure she wants to. feels she could. but a matter i think of physically, mentally is she up to the rigors of a politician's life or not. >> she wants to make sure she is 100%. >> she said i want to do my job
3:34 am
fully. we'll see if the doctors give her the green light or a personal decision. see what she decides to do. recovery has been remarkable. don't doubt her. >> only a year. look at the steps she made. >> amazing. lucky lady. and we turn to politics, the new hampshire primary now a day away. front-runner, mitt romney ran into vocal opposition from occupy protestors after a stop. the interruption brought a colorful response as always from new jersey governor chris christie who said protestors were blinded by what he called barack obama induced anger. >> well, it was a much different setting saturday night as candidates shared the stage for a debate. abc's jonathan carl reports from manchester the winners and losers heading into the crucial primary tomorrow. >> reporter: mitt romney, the tale of two debates. in a first, the others pulled their punches. even newt gingrich who attacked romney as a corporate rader.
3:35 am
>> you said governor romney made companies and laying off employees. >> check "the new york times" story. >> i'm not surprised that "the new york times" tried to put it free enterprise on trial. >> advantage, romney. >> ron paul hammered rick santorum. >> big government, big spending individual. >> reporter: then he hit gingrich for not serving in the military. >> i don't like it when we send our kids off to fight these wars, and when those individuals didn't go themselves. >> the fact is i never asked for deferment. i was married with a child. >> i was married and i had two kids and i went. >> reporter: advantage romney. paul guns for his opponents. but not for him. second debate. santorum and gingrich seemed to gang up on romney for portraying himself as a nonpolitician. romney for the first time started to lose his cool. >> wait, it's still my turn. >> are you going to tell people
3:36 am
you will not run for re-election if you win. >> reporter: advantage santorum rattling the front-runner. jon huntsman in the first debate he seemed more determined to speak chinese than challenge romney. >> as they would say in china -- >> reporter: by the second debate he hit back hard at romney who criticized him for severing as u.s. ambassador to china under barack obama. >> he criticized me while he was out raising money for serving my country in china, yes under a democrat like my who sons are doing in the united states navy. they're not asking what political affiliation the president is. >> reporter: advantage huntsman. better late than never. his best debate performance yet. >> reporter: rick perry way down in the polls in new hampshire was trying to use the debates to revive his campaign. during the abc debate, he said that he would like to send u.s. troops back to iraq. i can tell you that is a position i have heard none of the other candidates take.
3:37 am
jonathan carl, abc news, manchester, new hampshire. >> and make sure you stay with abc news as we cover tuesday's new hampshire primary. our team on the air and online tomorrow night. for results watch "world news now" wednesday morning. a lit plug for our show. >> that's right. to a major recall involving popular medicines that are sold over the counter. the drugmaker novartis recalling excedrin, no-doz, bufferin, and gas-x dwu to recent production problems at a plant in nebraska. some pills may be mixed up, broken in the wrong bottles. no complaints from consumers. novartis will disclose more details about the recall later today. the dream season of the denver broncos and their quarterback tim tebow continues for at least one more week. the first play of overtime against the steelers, tebow hit his receiver for an 80-yard game winning touchdown. quickest overtime in nfl history. broncos fans were loving every second of it even before the
3:38 am
game, as russell heythorne reports. >> reporter: the atmosphere before the game was electrifying. >> we're going to win! go, broncos! >> reporter: there were bold predictions. >> 23-20, overtime, tebow time. awe. >> reporter: the playoffs return to mile high for the first time since this game, afc championship in '06 when the steelers beat the broncos. history would not repeat itself this time. tebow time. >> down at the 40. at the 50. and to the 30, to the 20, thomas to the 10, denver has gone on. >> reporter: after that back out to the parking lot for manic insanity. >> the broncos came through. tebow. >> tebow! tebow! nobody gave us a shot, but we
3:39 am
gave ourselves a shot and believed in ourselves. >> yeah! >> reporter: craziness. then there was this guy. >> reporter: and that says it all. the magic is back at mile high. >> what do you think? what kind of form? >> say what you want the kid keeps winning. a great game. >> against the steelers no less. >> i didn't pick denver to win. thought pittsburgh would pull it out easily. tim tebow pulls it out again. a phenom. i know there is a lot of controversies, but lots of ws. >> any body that pin picked the broncos to win the game. >> no one. >> exempt tebow. >> it's working. >> keep going. >> oh. tim. going to be a good playoffs until you meet the saints. here is a look now at your weather monday morning. a wet day from texas to the carolinas. with the heaviest rain, houston, dallas, shreveport, new orleans. 3 to 6 inches of snow, west texas. light snow, michigan northern new england. morning fog, birmingham to atlanta.
3:40 am
>> 70s in new orleans. 35 in boston. dallas, 53. kc, 50. chicago, 45. 43, boise. 61 in sacramento. it is that time of the morning, and it's time for, are you ready, boom. >> double fisting, i like it that much. >> like to hear that. on christmas 1965 seven sisters from indiana, seven, were all separated and sent to different foster homes. over the weekend two of them found each other again for the first time in 46 years. hope jeffers had not seen her little sister jamie since she was 3 years old. >> but hope had eventually been reunited with their biological mother and collected photos and helped her find her missing siblings. she located four sisters but still looking for the other two. if you are out there, reconnect. big hug. ♪ reunited ♪ and it feels so good ♪ ♪ because we understood ♪ and it feels so good ♪
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♪ michelle my bell ♪ michelle my bell ♪ these are word that go together ♪ >> beatles on a monday morning. >> my bell. maybe one day i will sing for you. >> can you sing really? >> lit bit. little bit. >> we'll test the skills out. in this case, the michelle we'll be talking about its first lady of the united states. >> a new book offers a revealing look at mrs. obama's role in the white house showing her flexing some muscle. she's got pretty nice muscles. >> some guns. more from abc's david kerley. >> reporter: michelle obama's journey has been a reluctant one, from contemplating delaying her arrival at the white house
3:45 am
for months to brisling at the confinements and obligations of being first lady the author wrote in "the new york times." >> you know, it will take time for anyone coming into the white house into this new level of public scrutiny to be comfortable with what limitations are on their life now. >> reporter: we have seen mrs. obama sneak out to shop. but she told abc's barbara walters last month she is comfortable. >> there is a perception out there that i feel confined or trapped in, in some way. that couldn't be further from the truth. >> reporter: the book suggests her early insecurity about her place in the white house. evolved to the point she has become an unrecognized force behind the scenes. examples, 2010, the first lady felt the president's advisers including chief of staff rahm emanuel were too insular and not strategic enough. she thought her husband needed a new team. >> michelle obama is a very smart lawyer who you would expect to be involved in her
3:46 am
husband's administration. not sitting around tending to the taddings. >> reporter: the most explosive passage involves press secretary robert gibbs when he was criticized for his efforts to tamp down a story that mrs. obama reportedly told the french first lady that living in the white house is hell. in a meeting gibbs reportedly cursed the first lady. >> it is always best for the staff to recognize that it is not wise to ignore the president's spouse. >> reporter: now preparing for a campaign, mrs. obama seems ready to be a force. >> i feel very blessed in this role. >> reporter: david kerley, abc news, washington. >> life in the white house. >> coming up why katie perry is outraged with the media. >> and beyonce's bundle of joy. no not that one. the other one. >> go like this. this is the way you carry a baby. pat it on the back. >> "the skinny" is next.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny ♪ ♪ skinny ♪ so skinny >> so just a couple days ago beyonce was walking in tall heels. last weekend giving birth to a
3:49 am
baby. >> she's a mama. >> that's how we pregnant women roll. i didn't wear heels in either of my pregnancies. they had a little girl. her name is blue ivy. where did they come up with blue ivy? blueprint i believe is one of jay-z's album. iv, think of the roman numeral, if v is four. four is the date that both of them were born on, respective months the name of her last album. blue ivy it is. ivy blue. no, actually, blue ivy. she changed. she had a sez a-- she had a caesarean at lennox hill hospital in the manhattan area. rented the fourth floor for $1.3 million. went to severe precautions to make sure nobody got pictures they had employees turn in their cell phones. covered security cameras. because of the increased security, it ticked off, another person that was at the hospital. wasn't just their hospital. >> dad wanted to see his
3:50 am
prematurely born twins. blocked by their security. >> he said three times they stopped me from entering the nicu. once on friday the he was not happy with her bodyguards. >> i understand. i know this is the most famous baby on the planet, but every new dad wants to be near their kid. that would irk parents. >> little bit. >> little blue ivy in the world the what a life that child is going to have for sure. congratulations to jay-z and beyonce on that. everyone can breathe easy. the baby is here. yes, indeed. katie perry is making some news this morning too. apparently her divorce has been -- pending divorce has been all over the media here. she went on twitter on saturday and basically wrote, quote, concerning the gossip i want to be clear that no one speaks for me, not a blog, magazine, close sources or my family. some issues with her parents. they're very religious the they have called the divorce a
3:51 am
blessing from god. so that may not have sat well with ms. perry. she expressed gratitude to her fans. saying look don't believe everything that is out there. only believe what i say. so, taking a little pot shot at the media. >> kathy griffin fan, comedienne? >> she can be tough, but funny. yeah. >> tune into bravo this spring. they're going to -- she's going to debut her new talk show. >> kathie moving off that d list. >> it's going to feature stand-up routines, celebrities, and taped segments. i got to hear the last story. >> last story. congratulations kathy on the show. chaz bono, he is saving his money because he wants to buy a penis. he is looking for a doctor overseas to complete his transformation from woman to man. he broke up with his fiance, 42 years old. going in for gender reassignment surgery and apparently found a doctor in belgrade he wants to perform the surgery to get his man parts in place.
3:52 am
going for the whole package. >> i don't know what to say to that. can he upgrade. get the $45,000. don't go cheap. >> don't go cheap. that. >> don't go cheap. is we know a place where tossing and turning
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have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions, such as tongue or throat swelling, occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness and morning drowsiness. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. then get lunesta for $0 at
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>> happy birthday to kate. >> finally this half-hour. a happy birthday shout out to across the ocean to the newest british royal. who else can we be talking about, kate middleton >> turning 30 with a low key, private affair. our royal watcher is abc's jeffrey kaufmann. >> reporter: rarely has the cliche, life begins at 30 rung so true. kate,or catherine duchess of cambridge, begins her decade as a future queen of england. that's reason for a party. fireworks, rock stars and lots of champagne, right?
3:56 am
wrong. >> low key. no frills. no rock stars being brought over from america. >> reporter: yes, there were reports that brother in law prince harry was planning a big bash. that might have looked indulgent given the economy. since marrying william eight months ago, kate signed up for a life in the public eye. she knows everything she does will be scrutinized, analyzed judged. she has not made a wrong move yet. hugely popular. always perfectly put together. if there is one criticism directed at kate it is that beyond looking sensational, she hasn't done much in her first year as a royal. some have taken to calling her, the duchess of doolittle. >> i don't think there is a rush for her to go out and backing charities and doing lots of work. >> reporter: and she moves to change that, becoming patron of four british charities. a pre birthday appearance for the future king and queen, the british premier of "war horse." >> i am excited to see them. i haven't met kate.
3:57 am
i met william when he was very young. looking forward to seeing them again. >> reporter: and william returns to his job as a rescue pilot in wales and perhaps a birthday dinner with his new wife in front of the tele. jeffrey kaufmann, abc news, london. >> she has a big year. the queen will have her 50th anniversary. the london olympics later this year. this is one of many parties that you and she will be attending. >> makes sense. if she wants to be taken more seriously. >> oh. >> didn't know. bffs. >> why do you have to put me next to her wearing that big frumpy coat. >> the fashion show. >> is my fashion choice really that poor? >> not into the hats no matter who has them on. not a big hat person? >> not really. unless i haven't washed my hair. going running. yeah. >> i think you look ravishing. >> thank you. >> there you go. more from abc coming up next.
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